Yoga – Power to change lifestyle


Change lifestyle with yoga

CHENNAI: Yoga is a process of attaining the final frontier more than paying attention to physical benefits,” said Yogi Ashwini, the Himalayan master who was in the city this weekend to give a talk on how Vedic mantras and kriyas can contribute to good health and wellness. Yogi Ashwini is said to be the guiding light of Dhyan Foundation, a spiritual and charitable organisation that conducts free yoga classes all over the world and is run by volunteers.

“The Vedas are a perfect science because they deal in all aspects of creation, not just the physically manifested creation that we see around us but in totality,” explains Yogi Ashwini. As he addressed his gathering, he talked to City Express on the importance of yoga and how it is perceived worldwide. “Yoga is today portrayed more as a physical exercise and in many places, it is being held for a fee, but in reality there is no such cost. It’s a form of divinity, which only 10 out of 100 people can experience…but only if you want to experience it truly,” he points out.
He talks about the basic aspect of Vedic science, which is healing and health of human body. “Our body is usually acidic mainly because of our diet. A simple PH strip test would prove this,” he says, and narrates an incident that happened in 1912.

“Alexis Carell from France conducted an experiment where he kept chicken cells alive for nearly 20 years. Usually, chickens live for six to seven years. The cells died later, simply because the water was not changed, and eventually the content became acidic and the cells died,” he explains. “Carell concluded that human cells, like chicken, can also go on forever if the environment is non-toxic. When my disciples do yoga, it cleanses their bodies and keeps them away from acidity.”

He adds negative emotions and unhealthy lifestyle can lead to toxicity in the body. “The solution is simple: consume diet that’s alkaline in content, and change your lifestyle. If your body is healthy and the nature of soul is in harmony you can easily live a long and healthy life,” he shares. “Yoga is not gender-specific; it is the same for all sexes. If you want to do yoga, look for a ‘guru’. No one else can teach yoga in a better way.”

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