Ananda balasana


Yogasana – Ananda Balasana – Benefits, Steps and Precautions

Ananda balasana provides an excellent stretch for the hip joints, which can get stiff from too much sitting. This pose is mentally calming while physically stimulating which makes it an perfect exercise for a day when we have a lot on our schedule. This pose will elongate the lower back and allow the hips to stretch. It is one of the basic yoga asanas and easy to do.

How to perform:

step 1:
First come to the lying position on your back.

step 2: While breathing deeply, you should let your knees fold and bring them to press into your belly.

step 3: Take a deep breath, and with your hands hold onto the outside part of your feet. If you find it difficult to hold your feet with your hands, you could make use
of a belt or a scarf that goes over each instep.

step 4: Bring your knees to widen more than your torso and let them be pushed to your underarms.

step 5: Let each ankle be placed above each knee, so that your shins make a right angle to the ground.

step 6: Through both your heels, without using too much effort, flex and let your feet be thrust into your hands (or belt or scarf).

step 7: Let your hands be pulled down so that a resistance is created.

step 8: Your thighs should be brought in towards your body, and your tailbone should be pushed down towards the mat as your spine is stretched.

step 9: Your pelvis should be released towards the mat and your skull’s base should be stretched away from the neck.

step 10: Make sure that at all times that your hips do not come off the mat.

step 11: This pose can be held for 30–60 seconds.

step 12: To get out of the pose, you should breathe out, let your feet be released, and place them on the mat.

step 13: Relax for a few breaths.


Just like with all yoga postures, you should make sure to perform the Happy Baby Pose correctly and take certain precautions to avoid injury or make an injury worse.
Avoid this pose during pregnancy and if you have a knee injury.
If you have a neck injury, you should make use of a thickly folded blanket to provide support to the head.
Another precaution you should take when performing this pose is to make sure that the spine is straight.
This precaution is important because if there is a curve in the back in either direction your spine can be injured.
This pose can also become an inversion that is mild. Therefore, a student who is in the moon cycle should avoid practicing this posture or if he or she has high blood

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