Who is Father of Democracy System?

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Democracy, a system in which people are given power to choose their governing body. this system is given to us and introduced to us by westerns, when we were in their clutches. After independence we started following the same system. We all know this, as it is thought to us, in our schools by our teachers and the books. But is I say that the democracy system was not introduced by westerns, and was not brought to us by them, Do you believe this?

Yes! It is the fact, that democracy was not introduced by westerns but instead it was introduced by the greatest king, who is worshiped as lord by many and is considered as role model and his principles are considered as the best guideline for justice, he is one who left behind his prosperity for the sake his fathers promise and spent long period in jungle with his wife, fought against many obstacles and stood by the righteous – Lord Rama.

From ancient times the system of rule in India was dynasty based, in which the successor of the king would adorn the throne and continue the rule[elder son usually], sometimes it used to so happen that if there are many children to the king they would fight for the throne and one who wins would adorn the throne. This governing system was in practice since many years which was for the first time Lord Rama changed the entire system.

He had to leave his throne for sake of his fathers promise to his queen, that his another son Bharath, for which Could revolt and fought against his brother defeat hi and take the throne which was very easy task for him, but he did not do that, instead he revolted against the dynasty system and left the kingdom and went to the jungle for exile. In jungle he fought against the dynasty rule system of bali and made sugreeva as ruler, as he was opted by the people. In Lanka it was just a second task for Hanuman to get sita from lanka and destroy the entire kingdom, but he fought against the pride of Ravan and destroyed the dynasty system and made Vibhishan as the king as he was for the people and was by the people. When he returned back to his kingdom, he gave the option to his people to elect their ruler and on their choice, he started to rule.

In Dynasty rule that was practiced – Queen, Prince and Princess were give greater importance than the people, people had to worship them and serve them, but, in the democratic rule introduced by Rama people were given more importance than Queen, Prince and Princess and that is why Devi Sita was sent to forest again, just because she was doubted by a washer-man. This is the difference between the system followed and introduced by Lord Rama, when we look into the entire rule of Rama, we can clearly say that Lord Rama is “FATHER of DEMOCRACY”.

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