What your birth signs tell about your week – February 21-27 ?



With Ganesha’s blessings and your own efforts you will now be open to the myriad opportunities that come your way. You have energy and a positive mindset. Proper management of resources and time allows you to pursue your hobbies too.


This period sees a new you-one who is more mature, Loving, caring and demonstrative. Tender, memorable moments shared with your spouse/partner and children, While ignoring pressing demands on your resources(physical/monetary), will strengthen mutual love.


You are on a high and you allow nothing to hold you back in your pursuit of pleasure and profit. It is your time to shine and you will go much beyond the call of duty if your fulfillment of domestic obligations. health of elders could require your prolonged involvement.


The professional arena will now demand intense commitment. You are a high achiever, nobody can deny that. You will set high standards, not just for your subordinates, but also for your self. This attitude could alternate you from them, leaving you to complete the bulk of the work alone.


Relationship issues will distract you from work, making you lose focus, and this could have harmful long term repercussions. Details at work will be important at this time and reading the fine print could help you avoid heart-aches int future. You could have the tendency to be laid back, so take care.


For the better part of this period you have been involved in tackling varied issues on the time front. this will result in the strengthening of family ties which you now realize are important for your mental peace and harmony. Health – related concerns of children(your own, if you have them)could create panic and stress.


Funds become relevant as there could be unexpected demands on your time and money. Although you will experience relief eventually, there is a chance of getting into trouble if you over-commit your resources.


Communication will be very relevant professionally and also in your personal life. It is not all smooth sailing, though as unexpected events, accidents and losses could have an adverse impact on your partnerships. Remaining alert and flexible will help minimize the damage.


this is a period of intense activity. Tightening your belt and investing in sure-shot winners, be it in stocks, shares, mutual funds or bonds, will give you a healthy balance sheet which will be a big blessing in these times of increasing expenses.



Ganesha shower you with grace. You are extremely happy as even health and wealth are in top-notch condition. You will glow with an inner sense of harmony and well being as you experience happiness and live joyfully. You will be on a high as you experience some amorous interludes with your partner.


there is a lot of activity as you juggle both money and relationship issues. but it is not wise to neglect work. money matters will occupy you, but Ganesha advises you to keep all such deals under wraps to derive maximum benefits out of them.


Wisdom and confidence will be yours for the talking but there’s no respite for you from work and family commitments. Though you continue to invest your time and effort in these areas, you will also set a game plan for the future. Rising expenses on the home front could cause worry and the resultant stress could lead to health problems. Ganesha’s blessings are with you.

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