Jyothish is a science which explains the effect and influence of planets and stars on our life. It is not to stop what is going to happen, instead it is a tool to make life better. Know what’s waiting for you this week. – 14 – 20 Jan, 2018


Weekly Horoscope – 14 – 20 Jan, 2018

Aries: You will start this period exuberantly lively. Work will be on main front this period and you will set it as priority. You will be driven by your ambition and you work towards it. You will be looking seriously at every possible means to augment your income.

Taurus: Meetings and the reviving of old associations cover you up. You love to have company, never like being left alone and this will ideally suit your natural temperament of being with like-minded people. Wherever you go, you will be the life of the party and the center of attraction. You mean business and nothing will stop you from
achieving your goals.

Gemini: The busy, determined phase will continue for you. You will never stop, and will continue making progress; this is not bad as you are quite content with whatever you have achieved so far. You also find time to pause awhile in the mid of the heavy schedule and savour the fruits of your hard work. Now you will also make time for loved ones and will gently take your foot off the pedal. You will make up for lost time and all will be forgiven.



Cancer: It is gift time from your stars to you. You are bounded with genuine love, romance and laughter this period. You are not slogging away as you were at the beginning of the period. You are well settled and this is the time for a little fun and frolic. This period is going to bring in relief, respite and relaxation and you will revel in it. The trend is pleasing; since you are now able to enjoy life, laughter, love, and all the good things that life has to offer.


Leo: This period you are very calm and composed. You have achieved much and are content with what you have acheived. Your path takes your toward prayer, spirituality and meditation. You get contemplative and look within self for more profound answers. You are in a mood of thanksgiving and contentment. On the other side, you are not free, there are mounting expenses and other worries. But you have the mental strength and the finance to overcome these minor hurdles.


Virgo: Watch out, Financially this is period may bring a paramount in money matters. Finance, property, acquisition and possession and buying and selling, especially stocks and commodities are going to be strong theme during this period. But you need to protect your rights, as well. Don’t try to figure out short cut for success and easy money, however tempted you may be. People may try to damage your principles and you should take care to guard against this.


Libra: This is a grand period. You feel good about life and about yourself and this period your are going to follow your heart and your true inclinations. This period your stars have moonlight and roses, love and storybook romance, leisure and pleasure in store for you. Financially, the pressure is going down and there is luck in dealing with funds and investments; you may even take risks in speculation and gambling, with some success too.


Scorpio: You give more importance to plan how to meet the day to day requirements of your life and you work on it. Though you are capable to do more than this, and it is a drain on your creativity and a grind, but you handle it gracefully. You are also drawn to spiritual pursuits, meditation and the higher truths. You know life is far higher than the daily toil and you will seek a deeper meaning to life. There will be the demands of family, work and your own inner life. You will reach out, display awesome skills and achieve a lot.


Sagittarius: This is a period which is for you to learn a lot about life and from life. You realize that self-restraint is what you need the most in order to get truly ahead, though your personal progress is more or less assured. Confrontations and showdowns are part of this phase, and may even be dangerous, especially in personal relationship. The going will be far from easy and you need to control your temper and strive for emotional balance, and try to meet people halfway.


Capricorn: This period demands a lot from you of highs and lows. You manage to fulfill the wishes, but also carry lots of anxiety. A lot of involvement with your work and professional issues will also include a fair amount of socializing and running around. While there is much love in your personal and family life, there could be some oppositions too; you will be hated and loved in equal measure. Your introspective and detached tendencies will, quite naturally be activated.


Aquarius: Your fresh ideas pull out all the stops at work in terms of their execution. At home and in the area of love, too, you are generous. But you are overextending yourself and will need to take care of yourself. Look after your health. There will be a strong emphasis on social service, larger issues, productivity and work, which you will handle with flair.


Pisces: You have a very clear vision about your future. To convert all your dreams and hopes to reality you make all possible efforts in this process. You will try out many new avenues of work, you will also be aware of the great need to deal with financial issues. This period you have lots of buying and selling ahead and also the signing of lease documents, contracts, instruments of negotiation, promissory notes and such. Your give quality attention for fashion and food.

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