viparita veerabadrasana

Viparita Virbhadrasana


Viparita virabhadrasana also known as reverse warrior yoga pose. This one is very useful in toning waist and abdomen muscles and also cures spine pains and other issues such as these.

How to Perform:

step 1:Begin in Veerabadhra II.

step 2:From Veerabadhra II, take a few breaths to gain ground and press firmly into the four corners of the feet energetically engage the legs.

step 3:Next, flip your right palm towards the sky, take a deep inhale as it helps guide the right palm up and over your head letting a soft gaze follow your fingertips.

step 4:Left hand lightly drapes on the back thigh reminding the core to engage and lift.

step 5:Keep the lower half of your body in the same strong shape from Veerabadhra II.The only thing changing is the shape of your arms and torso.

step 6:The torso and chest continue to open up towards the sky finding length in your right side body as your right fingertips and gaze steadily continue to reach up and over your head towards the back wall.

step 7:With an exhale continue to ground down into the strength of your feet and legs, with each inhale pull navel to spine allowing the chest and upper back to open and fill towards the sky.

step 8:Soften the gaze towards the right fingertips and come to your breath as you experience the full strength and lightness of this pose throughout your body, mind and spirit.

step 9:Repeat on the other side.


Avoid this asana if you suffer from a chronic or recent injury to the shoulders, back or hip.
Refrain from practicing this pose if you experience high blood pressure or diarrhea.
If you suffer from a neck injury, avoid tilting the head back in the pose. However, your gaze should be kept forward.

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