Veerasana is helpful for joint pains and problems. The practise of this posture eventually makes you more flexible and also eases all the parts of your body. The practice of Veerasana also increases metabolism in the body and enhances blood circulation even to the joints. This asana can show instant glow in your face which is a result of proper blood circulation.

How to Perform:

step 1:Start with Samasthithi.

step 2:Step the left leg forward at a maximum distance from the right leg.

step 3:Bend the left knee at a 90 degree angle (calf to ground 90 deg and calf to thigh 90 deg) and place the hands on the knee, palms joined together.

step 4:Exhale and while inhaling raise the joined hands up over the head, let the neck fall back so the gaze is towards the ceiling and arch the spine backwards.

step 5:Continue to maintain the asana, breathing normally.

step 6:Slowly straighten the body and the neck, lowering the arms back down so the hands rest on the knee.

step 7:Straighten the knee and release the hands.

step 8:Restore the left leg to its place and return to standing position.

step 9:Practice on the opposite side.


If you are facing any injuries related to knees or ankles avoid this asana. When practicing this asana make sure not strain knees or ankles to achieve perfect position until they automatically adjust to the final perfect position in order to avoid the injuries.

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