uttana prishthasana

Utthan Prishthasana


Utthan Prishthasana is very helpful in releasing stress, fatigue and tension. This pose sure looks really complicated but is actually not so. You can do this to rather relax your body after a hard day of work. It is instantly effective and very, very calming for the body.

How to Perform:

step 1: From Downward Facing Dog Pose, step your right foot forwards between your hands.

step 2: Heel-toe your foot towards the edge of your mat, so that your foot is slightly wider than your shoulders.

step 3: Let your hips grow heavy, so that they settle forwards and down.

step 4: Begin to walk your hands forwards until you are able to come down on to your forearms. You may place your forearms on the ground, or on a block.

step 5: Extend your heart forward, lengthening the spine.

step 6: Try to soften the heart and draw the shoulder blades together, taking the rounding out of your back.

step 7: Keep your right knee hugging towards your mid-line to get into the inner hip and thigh area of your right leg.

step 8: You can keep your left knee lifted with your leg active, or for a more restorative version, you can lower your left knee.


Be careful not to go too far in this asana. It is a deep hip opener. It is normal to feel sensation in the hips, but if you feel pain then back off.

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