Uttanapadasana, is beneficial for those having back pain and stomach disorder. It is good practicing this asana by raising one leg at a time also. For getting flat and strong abs this asana works as a wonder. It is helpful for those who suffer from gas problems, arthritis pain, heart problems and waist & back pain.

How to Perform:

step 1: Lie flat on your back and breathe normally.

step 2: Place your hand on either side and palms should be facing down.

step 3: Inhale slowly and lift the legs at 45 – 60 degree from the ground.

step 4: Hold this posture for some time (15-20 sec) to feel pressure in lower abs.

step 5: While exhaling (Breath out ) relaxes your posture by lowering legs.

step 6: Repeat this for 3-4 times daily.


Individuals suffering from lumbar sodalities and muscle pull should avoid practicing this pose.
People with lower backaches and high blood pressure should practice this pose with caution. During the initial stages you can make use of your hands to lift your legs but make sure that you avoid bending your knees while the legs are being raised.
Individuals recovering from an injury to the spine should perform this asana lifting one leg at a time. The reason for this is that lifting both your legs will put too much strain on your spine.
You should also refrain from practicing this pose more than five times each day.
Pregnant women should avoid practicing this pose during the first few months of pregnancy.
Practicing this pose during menstruation is not advisable. However, if you are used to practicing it and are comfortable with it you can continue. But avoid practicing it if you experience any cramps or belly ache.

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