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Time is only thing which matters a lot

Vijay was a merchant, running quite successful business, which yield him income enough for his family and him. He was very spiritual person, he used to follow spirituality to that extent that he would stop doing anything, if he come across any occasion which is termed as inauspicious. like he would stop doing anything, if someone sneeze at that moment for about 10-15 mins.

One day it happened that he got a bumper offer of a partnership with large merchant in the nearby village, if this offer clicked tn Vijay would reach to top. Vijay had to meet the other merchant for the dealing next day sharp 10:15 in morning, if he was late there were chances of missing the deal if missed the deal would be taken over by other merchant. Vijay din’t want to miss this chance so he started one day earlier and went to his sister house in the other village and stayed that night, next day he got ready and as the place were they had to meet was just half mile away from his sisters place he started at 9:45, his brother-in-law and Vijay were on their way on vehicle suddenly a cat passed their path, suddenly Vijay shouted “Oh my god!!! this should not have happened, stop the vehicle we will need to stop our journey for at least 10 mins and then continue”. Brother-in-law was a wise man, he asked Vijay reason, Vijay explained that it was very inauspicious if the cat passes their path.

On hearing this brother-in-law burst into laughter, he said “If a black cat passes your path it doesn’t mean it is inauspicious but it means that the animal is going somewhere” and continued “Let me tell you a story, Like you there was a merchant, he had to meet the king to expand his business, he was on his way to meet the king, but a cat passed his way, so he returned home thinking it was inauspicious, after some time he went back, but found that the boat that would take him to the king had already left and thus he missed the chance to meet the king.

there was another merchant in same village he also was going to meet the king for same purpose, he also encountered same instance, cat passed his path, but he did not stop he continued his journey, so he could reach in time and meet the king, the king was pleased with the proposal of the merchant and gave him lots of gifts, permission for business expansion and also gifts for his family” and said ” now tell me, what is the difference between these merchants?? one gave importance to his time and did not wanted to waste it, another gave importance to just blind beliefs and not for the time…but who is loser and who gained more. So giving importance to time is more important that beliefs. and now its up to you for which will you give more importance?? time ??or Blind belief??”

After hearing what his brother-in-law said, he thought for a moment and finally understood where he was wrong, and nodded his head and said “Why are you wasting time, lets move on”, both burst to laughter and they left to the place, they were in time, Vijay could meet the merchant and the deal got successful. After that Vijay made it a lesson for him that time is more important than blind beliefs.

Time once gone can never be bought back, so it is better to use the time for right purpose than to waste them on unwanted blind beliefs.

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