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Important is not just to attain success rather important is to sustain this success. To sustain the success it is very important for one to know that Success of any person has many stakeholders, it is not outcome of one person’s only contribution or one’s only efforts.
If one has not got success, then it is not a problem. But, if one gets success it is contribution of all; first the elders and then of younger and also of contemporary personalities.
So one who ignores and is not thankful to those who has directly or indirectly contributed, definitely cannot be mentally relaxed and may possess success in consistency, he may enjoy it for some time, but, at one point everything will vanish.
So first stakeholder in our success are – our mother, father, gurus, then social friends, wife and staffs those who work with us.
Along with human being even cosmic world and nature on earth are also our stake holders, in cosmic world Sun, earth and its nature is reason for our life.
So, please try to give honor to elders and humble love to Younger and get rid ego – with equal age group, otherwise problems will never leave even after attaining success.
If one did not get successful in life then it’s easy as one has nothing to return back anything, but, as much one gets successful that much one has taken loans and others stake in one self and in work.

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