Suptavirasana is very helpful for digestion system and its proper functioning. Also, this posture prevents excessive fat from depositing in the body especially the abdomen area.

How to Perform:

step 1:Start this posture by first performing the Veerasana.

step 2:Place your hands by your sides.

step 3:Exhale and lean backwards towards the floor.

step 4:Take your weight on to your hands and then your elbows and forearms.

step 5:When you are leaning on your elbows, put your hands at the back (on the pelvis).

step 6:Now release the buttocks and lower back by pushing yourself downwards towards your tailbone.

step 7:You can finish reclining by going onto the floor or by reclining onto a support. If you are using blankets for support ensure that you have at least two of them at the same height. This will help to support your spine while you are moving downwards.

step 8:Hold this posture for about 30 seconds and up to 1 minute.

step 9:As you master this pose, you can hold it for up to 5 minutes.



This pose should not be practiced unless it is under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher, in case if you suffer from any problems related to the knee, back or ankle.

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