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Shuchi – Shudhi what does their combination bring

There is a concept of hygiene(cleanliness) in not only humans but also in animals. But in human civilization hygiene and cleanliness has become the major part of life and also quality. And this quality is developed from a very long period of about 5000 years or even more than that.

From the span of around 5000 years o vedic culture, scholars divided this major quality into two parts – Sudhi – Purity and Shuchi – Cleanliness.

In European countries and other countries and also in every part of world more importance is given to physical cleanliness, to with help of modern style and technology we are able to keep our home, streets and our surrounding clean, even in India a movement of clean country has begun, this is indeed very good concept. But real cleanliness doesn’t stop here. Shudhi means purity, which is either space cleanliness and mental cleanliness. Shuchi is considered as physical matter cleansing, bacteria, virus and all sort of infections are due to unhygienic parameters. But we have seen that people who live in very high quality of life style and also highest level of hygiene suffer from various infections, but, we have noticed that those who live in places with high level of space purity like temples have least infections from bacteria and virus.

In India temple may not be clean physically, but it is pure in space with the lamp of ghee. Purity is removing the darkness from soul and mind and you can achieve that by chanting mantras, gazing at the lamp, and meditating.

We do not say that one need not be clean, but we stress on the point of being pure through heart and mind, and developing this as our major quality.

so we can conclude that for a better life combination of Cleanliness with purity of mind and heart is very much required.

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