Spread awareness on system of medicine


Call to spread awareness on system of medicine

Chennai: With competition to grab MBBS seats growing, members of homeopathics associations say that homeopathy is also a good career option. As there is lack of awareness on the same, they urge the government to do more to spread the word about this stream of medicine.

Tamilnadu Homeopathy Doctors Association president Dr P V Venkataraman says, “Though there are a number of homeopathy colleges throughout the country, lack of awareness is the main reason for students not taking up the courses. Secondly, timing of the counselling plays an important role in determining students intake. For example, counselling for homeopathic medicine is conducted after MBBS, BDS and paramedical courses. So, that gives less options for the students to choose homeopathy medicine. This leads to a situation where students securing higher marks choose MBBS, BDS courses and fill up the seats; so, students with lesser grades choose homeopathy.”

However, despite lack of awareness, many seats in homeopathy colleges are filled in an educational year. Indian Homeo Medical League (Chennai chapter) general secretary, Dr Monalisa John, says, “There was a time when nobody knew about homeopathy, but today many people are aware of it. With homeopathy giving remedies for new-age diseases like chickengunya and dengue also, many have started to realise the potential of the system.”

Apart from this, there is an opinion among the general public that a career as a homeopath has less scope. Monalisa John says,”In any field of medicine, one has to face problems to survive. I have seen many students being a little afraid to start a clinic or take up private practice fearing survival. One has to work hard and follow medical ethics. One needs to put in more efforts to make a difference. If that works out, more and more patients will come to the clinic.”

Lastly, patience is the key to success. When a doctor opens a clinic, he/she cannot immediately earn millions. But now, time is also in favour of homeopathy doctors, Monalisa John says, and adds that a homeopathy practitioner had to wait at least seven years to gain good experience. But now, with a lot of patients choosing homeopathy treatment nowadays, a doctor can easily gain the experience in two-three years and make a living.

Indian Homeo Medical League – national vice-president, Dr N R Jayakumar, says, “Homeopathy is a scientific medicine. This system acts on the root cause of the problem rather than just supressing it. For example, if a person catches a cold when he eats ice-cream, if given homeo medicine to cure it, the drug acts on the root cause to cure it permanently. So, even when the person takes ice-cream again, he doesn’t catch cold in future.”

When asked about shining in the profession, Jayakumar says, “I started my homeopathy practice in 1991. To tell you the truth, those days, it was very difficult. One in 100 patients would be aware of homeopathy. But, now, 50 in 100 people are aware of the system. So, the homeopathy practitioner must be confident. If one gathers knowlege and hands-on experience, he or she could be earning on a par with doctors from other forms of medicine. Name, fame and money will come to him/her also.”

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