Snake and Her

Life management

She was roaming in the woods on day, suddenly she heard a rustle sound nearby in a bush, slow with a heavy heart she moved near the bush, she was horrified at the sight, she found a bird was trying to hunt a very new born snake, her heart sank with kindness, she tried hard and rode the bird away, and was about to leave but her legs couldn’t move she turned and picked up the baby and took it home to keep it as pet.

She cleaned the wound, fed it and prepared a small bed for the snake, it healed well after several days. The snake used to roam all over the house, eat what she was feeding, she loved it very much even the snake had great attachment with her, it always used to be with her. Go out for a walk with her and come back. She was very happy to have its company.

The snake grew up, became strong but continued to stay with her instead of going out in its own way. but it got attached to more, it used to sleep with her and go around with her. But for the dismay of the women, the snake stopped eating, she thought it was ill, and waited for it to heal, but it did not she was worried, it never had anything.

After waiting for many days, she called vet to examine the snake, the vet came and examined the snake and found nothing wrong in it, so to get more information about the snakes behavior he asked her  some question’s.

VET: “How the snake used to eat earlier??”

She: “It used to have food well, it used to have what ever I fed it with” .

VET: “Do you think by any chance it fought with other snake or animal, like did you find any wound on it”.

She:”No, it would go out only when i go for walk.”

So on, the vet did not find any clue for this abnormal behavior of the snake, finally he asked,

“Does the snake sleep along with you??”

She:”Yes!!, Every day”  with a hope the vet found the clue.

Vet asked again “When sleeping does the snake curl itself to you ??”

She:”Yes Doctor, because it loves me a lot, if rewind i think for every 3-4 days like that from past many days.”

Then the vet said, “So this is the reason, why it stopped eating, it is not with love on you.”

this shocked her  a-lot, “because,” continued the vet ” the snake wants to eat you!!! so every four days like that it was checking its size against you if it could eat you, and it is not eating any other food because it is gathering energy to digest you. It was always with you because of the same reason, but it was eating the food you offered because its knew it could not eat you at that time.”


This story has a great moral.

Like the snake we have many around us, who though be very friendly with us, but actually they will be waiting for the time to swallow you. They take all the benefits from you but in a intention of hurting you. That is why we must be aware of our company.

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