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Shalabhashana – Benefits, steps and precautions

This is one of the multi- advantageous yoga postures because this is helpful in pain relieving as well as works very well when it comes to weight loss. This boosts metabolism due to which fat formation is prevented and is also helpful for indigestion.

How to Perform:

step 1:
Lie on your stomach with the chin stretched and touching the ground. Keep the hands on the side.

step 2: Slowly bring your hands under the legs to support them.

step 3: Inhale slowly and deeply and lift your legs upwards, without bending the knees, as much as you can and without straining. Maintain this position for few seconds, maximum up to half a minute.

step 4: Bring down both legs back to the starting position.

step 5:After the asana, one can rest by putting the arms below the head like a pillow and resting the head on one side. Breathe normally and deeply in the resting position.


It is better avoiding this asana in case if any surgery has done.
Initially practicing Ardha Shalabhasana before practicing entire Shalabhasana posture.
Those who practice this asana, should neither clench fists nor too loose or nor too tight.
Total control over breath is must when practicing this asana.

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