Yogasana – Sarvangasana


Sarvangasana – What are the benefits, How to perform and what are the precautions

Sarvangasana is known for strengthening and curing back pain,this asana improves resistance power of the body, keeps our face bright and removes dark circle, those suffering from sleep disorder it promotes deep restful sleep. It helps in weight loss when practiced on a regular basis. It also improves blood circulations, functions of digestion, controls the blood sugar level and corrects the improper functioning of pancreas.

How to Perform:

step 1:
Lie down on your back with the hands at the sides.

step 2: Exhale and raise the legs to a 30 degree angle and then at 60 degrees.

step 3: Then slowly extend the legs backwards behind the head to 130 degrees.

step 4: Hold this position for a few seconds and breathe normally.

step 5: Then exhale, bring the legs to 90 degrees and raise the buttocks.

step 6: Use your palms to support your back, but keep the elbows on the ground.

step 7: Gradually lift the body higher and move your hands up to support the shoulder blades.

step 8: The shoulders, hips and feet should be properly aligned.

step 9: Once your body is resting on the shoulders, hold the position for as long as it is comfortable.

step 10:Then slowly resume original position.


Keeping the body in a straight line.
Remaining balanced.
Abdominal breathing.
The focus can also be on the throat and the thyroid.
do not Bend the knees, Move the neck or over strain it in the chin lock position.
Bring the legs over the head when in the asana position but don’t keep them completely vertical if it causes tension.
Tense the legs or point the feet as this contracts the legs and prevents drainage of blood.

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