Tips – To reduce Weight

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Simple and Easy Ayurvedic tips for Reducing weight

Benefits of udwartana:
It reduces Kapha Dosha
It reduces body weight
It strengthens the organ of the body.

Haritaki powder Udwartana:
Camphor, Sandalwood, Lodra, Usheera, Triphala, Trikatu oil and salt.
Udwartana needs to be taken with above said herbs in order to reduce the body weight and to detox the channels which creates the fat.

Phalatri, Horse gram powder, salt also can be used for Udwartana. This reduces the belly fat and over all reduces the body weight.

Intake of butter millk along with ajvaani and ginger after meal helps to gt rid of the constipation.
Intake of equal amount of honey and butter together at bet time will reduce the piles.

Soak one teaspoon of tripala powder in night and have in the morning along with one teaspoon honey regularly will help to reduce body weight.

Always prefer to have warm, fresh and light food – like Ganji(upper portion of well cooked rice(boiled)). This maintains good digestion power and helps to regulate metabolism hence support in the reduction of body fat.

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