Difficulties – Boon or Ban?

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Difficulties – Are difficulties a Boon or a Ban in life

Difficulties, when ever we hear this we feel that we should never have that in what we do and we are going to do. Some times it happens like this that based on some guesses and some situations we decide our future and the difficulties and happiness that may come in our way. To get rid of the sorrow which may come upon us we plan and build some strategies today.

But ever thought about this question – when we try to end tomorrows sorrow or difficulties today, will it get us benefits or losses?? No we never question our self this question ever. But the truth is that for every problem, difficulties the solution for that difficulty and problem takes birth at the same time when that difficulty takes birth, this may imply for both humans or nature.
Don’t agree? just recall all instance of your past or go back to the history you can come to know that when ever a difficulty arises, the power to erase that problem also takes birth. This is the character of nature.

Now let us get to point, difficulties are very important aspects of our life, because difficulties come to us to give birth to the power which can help us face that difficulty. Whenever a person faces difficulties he grows higher than he was before and shines than he was before in the society, his confidence grows not only supporting him but also those around him.

When ever you face some difficulty, never get disappointed about that and never run away from it, know that it is a opportunity, opportunity given to you by nature, to grow your self and change yourself and create a new version of you. to give your every work a new height, make your self stronger and fill your self with knowledge. Knowledge of previous difficulty makes you stronger to face the present difficulty. One who can understand and implement this can never face any difficulties, but the one who cannot understand this, he cannot solve the difficulties he is facing and in-turn he become a difficulty to those around him.

So what would you conclude? Difficulties in life are a Boon to Life or a Ban?

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