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Understand present world better with simple terms

Bhim, Arjun, Nakul and Sahadev and Lord krishna where wondering in their garden Yudhishtir was away on some work. suddenly they asked krishna to explain them about Kaliyuga, Lord smiled and took a bow and shot four arrows in four directions and asked them to get it back, without questioning they all went in direction each arrow flew.

Bhim went in north direction to get the arrow, when he almost reached the place where arrow was laying down he found 5 well, among which four of them where filled with sweet water, those wells were filled so much that, water was over – flowing. but one well which was in between these four well was dry, though water from the four well’s were over – flowing, it did not fill the dry well in between. Surprised he picked up the arrow and returned.

Arjun went in east direction, reached the place where the arrow was shot when he was about to pick the arrow, he heard very sweet sound he turned and found a cuckoo bird sing its beautiful song, Arjun was mesmerized with its tone, it was singing divinely. But Arjun was shocked to see that such divine bird singing sweet song was eating flesh of rabbit at same time, surprised by the act of the bird he returned to krishna.

Nakul, travelling in the south direction in search of the arrow, on his was he found that a cow giving birth to a calf, as usual after giving birth to the calf the cow started licking the calf to clean, but the cow was licking the calf continuously even after the calf was cleaned, the cow was vigorously licking the calf that it was injured. Some villagers and the owner present their had to try hard to take away the cow. Nakul was surprised by the wild act of such calm animal, anyhow he continued his search and returned back.

Finally Sahadev was returning with arrow from west direction, found that large rock from a mountain started rolling down it rolled down destroying all the obstacles in its path, but very small plant on its path was able to stop the rock. This incident shocked Sahadev, he rushed toward krishna for answer.

Finally all of them met at their starting point handed over the arrow to the lord and explained what they came accross. Hearing all of them Krishna smiled and started explaining. “Every thing that you encountered in your path is resemblance of Kaliyug arriving.”

“First instance where the four well were filled and overflowing, but they didnot fill the well in between them, this represents people in kaliyug where the poor will be surrounded with rich people with whom wealth will be more than they need but they cannot help the poor and needy they just spend the money without any use.”

“Second, kaliyug will have people similar to the cuckoo, they will have knowledge and they preach well like the cuckoo singing sweetly, but they will either never follow what they preach or they will not do good deeds, like the cuckoo was eating the meat.”

“Third, Cow that showed too much love on its calf leading to injury of its own child resembles parents in kaliyug. Parents in kaliyug shower lots of money and comfort on their child that the future of the child destroys. Parents need to show love on their child so that it may not destroy their future.”

“Finally, the rock that rolls down resembles mind state of the humans of kaliyug, their mind will be stressed up with earning more, relationships and many more such things, with out finding their real destination they start falling down, anything cannot make them normal and stop then, only the plant of love towards god can stop them as the small plant stopped the rock.”

“This is how kaliyug will be” explained krishna. Four of the pandavas Bowed to the almighty for the enlightenment.

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