Poison in Mind

Life management

Medicine for poison in mind

In a village there was a Man with high level of knowledge, Nobility and kindness. He was a person who used to give advice to all those who come to him seeking his guidance. He was a expert “Vaidya” – Who deals with herbal medicine. Whole village considered him as their own family member, such was the nobility of the man.

This man had a daughter, her name was Sathya loved his one and only daughter so much, he would fulfill any of her wish. Time came to bid of her with her husband. As the girl was pampered so much, because of that she had become very arrogant, especially with her mother-in-law, but it was the custom of the village that Daughter-in-law has to respect mother-in-law and obey her orders, Sathya was fed up with some of her mother-in-law habits behavior, Mother-in-law also could not go along with sathya.

Days passed, weeks passed months and year passed but both sathya and her mother-in-law could not get along, finally one day sathya came to her father, and said she wanted to get rid of her mother-in-law and she wanted his help, she asked him to give her poison so that she could end this at once, the man thought for a while and said that he would help her only if she obeyed him, Sathya agreed as she eagerly wanted to put an end to her mother-in-law.

The man went into his store and bought some herbs and gave it to sathya and said to make delicious food and add these herbs in small quantity as these herbs would generate poison is small portion in her mother-in-law’s body and one day it would react making her fall dead, and he also added that sathya has to control anger from now and be very friendly with her mother-in-law, so that no one would doubt sathya on her mother-in-law’s death. Sathya was very happy, and returned home.

She started to cook delicious food added herb in them, and started feeding her mother-in-law. Sathya also started to control her temper, and obeyed what ever her mother-in-law said, seeing such change in her Daughter-in-law, even mother-in-law started to be friendly with sathya, as time passed they forgot their quarrel and Sathya started to treat her mother-in-law as her own mother, and her mother-in-law as started to treat Sathya like her own daughter, their house became like heaven.

One day it happened that sathya and her mother-in-law visited a function where sathya’s father was also invited, on seeing her father sathya remembered that she had been adding poison in her mother-in-law’s food, she sank into sorrow, she rushed to her father and asked him to give her the antidote for the poison as she wanted her mother-in-law alive as she loved her very much now, hearing this the man nodded his head and said there was nothing to worry about, the herbs where not poisonous they where to improve health, he also added that he had given antidote for the poison that was filled in Sathya’s mind against her mother-in -law. Sathya was relived.

From this story we can figure out two morals:
1) Loving children is not our mistake, but every thing has its own limits, even medicine taken without limit would make it poison.It is important to give love to children which would teach them to love others.
2) Other treat us in the way we treat them, if we love them they will love us in return, if we hate them so will they. So instead of blaming other’s it is better to think that fault may be from our side and try to correct our-self as much as possible.

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