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Yogasana – Pincha Mayurasana


The Pincha Mayurasana are an advanced poses. This asana helps you with the blood flow throughout your body; it calms your mind and strengthens your arms. If you yet cannot do it as it is, you can always use the wall for support and the benefits are the same.

How to Perform:

step 1:
Get down to plank position.

step 2: Lower your elbows, and place them on the floor.

step 3: Slowly with steady breathing, walk towards your elbows till you cannot move further,make sure your upper body is not leaning forward,only your hip is moving higher.

step 4: Slowly lift up one leg, transferring weight to one side.

step 5: Lift up another leg also.

step 6: Now lift both legs straight in the air towards ceiling,your body must be straight.

step 7: Stay in this position.

step 8: Slowly and steadily bring both the legs down.

step 9: Go back to plank position, and lay down.


It is advised to those with Back, shoulder, or neck injury,Headache,Heart problem, High blood pressure, Menstruation should avoid doing this asana.

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