pavana muktasana



Pavanamuktasana is really effective in removing gases from the stomach and improving the digestive system. This asana is very good for all the abdominal organs; it also cures acidity and reduces fat. It also strengthens back muscle and cures back pain. For getting a flat stomach, one should perform this asana on a regular basis.

How to Perform:

step 1: Lay down with your back on the floor.

step 2: Inhale deeply and bring one knee to your chest.

step 3: Wrap your arms around your knee, as you fold it in, clasp your fingers together.

step 4: Simultaneously, exhale, lift your head, and bring your chin toward your chest. Your tailbone and lower back should be pressed to the ground.

step 5: Attempt to touch your forehead to your knee.

step 6: You should feel the stretch along the length of your body from your legs to your back.

step 7: Take a deep breath and hold this position for four to eight breaths.

step 8: Your breathing should be deep from the belly, so that the belly presses against the thighs when you inhale.

step 9: On an exhale, slowly return your head back on to the floor and straighten your legs.


Avoid performing this pose just after you have had any surgery in the abdominal area or suffering from hernia.
Do not attempt this pose if you have an injury in the spine or sciatica.
You should also avoid this pose if you are pregnant.
Do not perform this posture on a full stomach.
Do ensure that you always practice all yoga poses within your abilities as also within limits.

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