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Obesity – Ayurvedic Tips

An excessive accumulation of fat in the body is called obesity. In Ayurveda this condition is called medoroga. The excess fat causes increase of digestive fire. So, person has very good appetite, he eats more, the digestion process takes places till the level of Medo dhatu (fat) but it is hampered there, so, more and more fat gets produced, without nourishing further Dhatus hence person keeps on putting on weight.The last contributing factor in obesity is impaired Vata Dosha. Just as air / wind causes increase of fire, Vata – resides in stomach and maintains digestive fire (Agni). In obesity, there is increase of Vata Dosha, which further causes increase of digestion strength.There are many places in the body where excessive fat is accumulated. The most common areas are the abdomen, breasts and buttocks. The fat in the body is primarily drawn from the oils, ghees and other fatty substances consumed through food and drink. Normally this fat during the time of metabolism, produces energy and heat. Fat also enters into some composition of tissue cells in human body. Fat in the body is also synthesised with the starchy material taken along with food. When fatty or starchy material in the form of food is taken in excess, fat in excess of the requirement of the body get deposited in parts of the body. A by-product of fat called cholesterol circulates in the blood vessels and gets deposited in the walls of vessels resulting in high blood pressure. Excessive fat may also result in diabetes. The most common difficulty the patient experiences due to excess fat is breathlessness even in slight exertion. Such type of patients may even get afflicted by serious type of asthma.

Causes for obesity:
Excess intake of food –
If you are continuously taking high amounts of food, it leads to increase of Agni – digestive fire because, body needs a way to digest increased food quantity, but because there is blockage in Medo dhatu, more and more fat tissue is produced, leading to weight gain.
Excess intake of heavy to digest, sweet foods, Coolant and oily foods – Because there is increased digestion strength, if you are taking light-to-digest food, it will be digested fast and you start feeling hungry again. Hence, person tends to eat heavy-to-digest foods and sweet foods, fried foods and coolants, which directly increase fat tissue.
Lack of physical exercise, day sleeping: Physical exercise is a way to allow the conversion of fat into bone tissue (Medo dhatu – Asthi Dhatu). Lack of exercise and lethargic behavior like day sleeping leads to increase in fat tissue.
Lack of mental stress, increased happiness:
Worrying is one of the best way to burn calories. If you are happy and stress-free, you tend to eat more and rest more.
Hereditary – some people have it in their genes.

Intake of fat and carbohydrates in excess results in result in obesity. Lack of exercise also helps in the accumulation of fat in the body. Lack of mental work helps in the synthesis of being of fat from the carbohydrates taken through the food and instead of being consumed, gets deposited in the body.


The patient should take up physical as well as mental exercise and should give sedentary habits, those who work in office should have walk after food.
Increased consumption of barley, which helps to take care of digestion strength, yet, not contribute to body calories.
Panchakarma, snehapana, vaman, virechan
Usually herbal powder massage, called Udvartana is used in obesity treatment.

Gun-resin extracted from this plant is used in medicine. It is purified with a unique process before used for internal usage. The purification is done with help of tripala, after purification it is given in a dose of one gram – four times a day followed with a cup of hot water.

It is useful in this problem. This helps in clearance of bowels and works as tonic for the body. The pulp of this fruit should be crushed to powder and given in a dose of one teaspoon at bed time with cup of hot water, very day. In the beginning the patient may have loose motions. But after some time the body gets used to it and it no longer has purgative effect.

Triphala choorna is very effective to cure obesity problem.

Weight Redox Tea: This is a wonderful formulation we created from herbs that are useful for the problem of obesity. It is recommended to use this twice a day for 2 months for excellent results.
It is very easy to use, we need to put a tea bag in one cup of hot water and stir for 7-10 mins and have it.
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The patient should, as far as possible, avoid taking sweet and fatty things.
Rice and potato which contains a lot of carbohydrates should be avoided.
Among the cereals – wheat is better and the patient can take barley and maize also.
Bitter and pungent things are good.
Vegetables like bitter gourd, bitter variety of drum stick, patola are useful.
Tea, coffee can be taken in good quantity

Other Suggestions:
Physical and mental exercise should be made as a part of daily schedule.
Sleeping at day time is not suggestive.
Sleeping late night and waking up early in morning is very useful.
Daily regular exercise, eating only after the previous food has got completely digested and regular intake of Barley and wheat in diet, is sure shot ways to curb obesity.

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