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Nataraja Pose is also known as lord of dance pose as it resembles its posture.The Natarajasana strengthens your legs,this pose helps to improve the balance of the body, concentration. It strengthens the muscles of hip, thighs and chest. It also helps in reducing weight and improves our posture and balance.

How to Perform:

step 1:Stand in the tree pose or the tadasana.

Step 2:As you inhale, shift your weight to the left foot and lift your right heel towards your buttock.

Step 3:Put additional pressure on the straight left leg, thigh, hip and knee to ensure your legs are properly balanced.

step 4:Now reach your right hand behind the raised leg and grasp the right ankle.

step 5:Lift your hip and pubic area accordingly to avoid additional strain.

step 6:With the help of your right hand, pull your right leg further up and extend your left hand in front of you.

step 7:Stay in this pose 20-30 seconds and slowly come back to your starting position.

step 8:Now, repeat this with the other leg.


If you suffer from low blood pressure then Lord of the Dance Pose is something you should not try and perform. You need to immediately stop doing the pose if you feel dizzy.

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