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Mud Therapy – Benefits and Advantages

Mud therapy is a simple and effective treatment modality. Mud is one of five elements which has immense impact on health. Mud therapy, is used as a part of naturopathy wherein nature cure practitioner are making use of moistened earth in treatment of diseases.

But before using this therapy, mud should be dried, powdered and sieved to separate stone, grass particle and other impurities. there should be no contamination of stone peice or chemical etc in the mud.

Mud Packs:
For Face: helpful in improving complexion of skin, removing pimples and open skin pores, which in turn is helpful and facilitate elimination.

Mud Bath:
Mud may be applied to palent in sitting are lying position. This helps to improve the skin condition by increasing the circulation and energizing the skin tissues.

The effect of mud are refreshing, invigorating and vitalizing.
It is able to retain moisture and coolness for longer periods.

– Mud acts as a digestive aid, it decreases intestinal heat, stimulate peristalsis movement.
– Stimulant for constipated bowel.
– Mud pack to eye relaxes eye muscle, for eye maladies like conjunctivitis, due to the natural property of mud to pull the toxins and it also works for skin maladies like eczema, due to natural tendency of mud to be anti-toxic and cooling.
– Mud has anti-inflammatory effect, for healing wounds and scars.
– Mud therapy is natural assistance for skin as it has soothing and calming effect on skin, it improves blood circulation.
– Mud as beauty aid, impacts natural glow to skin, improving and preventing skin maladies like acne, allergies.
– Mud therapy for anti-aging acknowledged due to property of mud that aids in escalating the process of blood – circulation and natural ability to regenerate skin, it exfoliates and tones skin.

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