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Modern World Miseries and Technology

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Miseries of Life and influence of technology

Modern world is filled with miseries, the main cause for these miseries are the increasing desire to the materialistic needs. The desire of the materialistic needs are so high that we have gone for various innovations to meet them, taking help of science and technology. All advances in Science, Technology and Medicine are aimed at reducing the miseries and, if possible, ending them altogether.

But we have not become successful in counteracting the real problems of life – birth, old age, disease and death. We have only become experts in covering up the reality. In fact, “advancement” means “newer and more ingenuous ways of covering up the reality”.

Modern science has come up with many sophisticated technological gadgets which give a superficial veneer of comfort and advancement to life. But actually when one gets a deeper vision, one understands that below this show-off’s, the problems of life still persist; we still have to suffer due to old age, disease and death. All these technological advancements provide only some temporary stop-gap solutions to man’s problems, but the problems keep surfacing again and again in some other form.

There is small example – Once a young women became allured by a handsome rich man; He was tall, had nice soft hair and wore a stylish sunglasses. She followed him all the way to his house in order to get to know more about him. When he entered his house, she peeped in through the window. She found him removing his shoe and his height reduced. He removed his wig and his bald head showed up. He removed his stylish sunglasses and his sunken eyes within their sockets were exposed. He removed his tooth set and his actual age stood exposed, not 22 but 60.

Knowledge begins by understanding the three – fold miseries of the material world
1) Miseries arising from mind and body,
2) Miseries caused by other living entities
3) Miseries caused by the agency of nature.
We have no control over these three – fold miseries.

How can one get through these miseries:
But if an intelligent man can turn towards the lord,and understand the real knowledge of life, then he can learn how to come out of bodily consciousness and realize his loving relationship with God. Then by performing activities in pure spiritual consciousness, he will become eligible to enter into the kingdom of God, where life is eternal and full of knowledge and bliss.

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