poorna mastyendrasana

Matsyendrasana (Poorna)


Matsyendrasana enhances blood circulation in the back . The muscle flexibility increases, the vertebrae and discs are stretched. Nerves are freed from tension, nerves in the neck which connect the brain with the different parts of the body are toned. Leg muscles become supple. Good for constipation, dyspepsia, diabetes, secretion of the adrenal glands.Increasing vitality and calmness.

How to Perform:

step 1: Sit on the floor with back straight and legs extended out in front of you.

step 2: Your legs and feet should be hip width apart and parallel.

step 3: Press the sitting bones in the floor and point the crown of your head to the ceiling to lengthen and straighten the spine.

step 4: Flexing your feet, press out through your heels.

step 5: Keep your palms on the floor adjacent to your hips for supporting your spine and relaxing your shoulders down. Keep your torso straight but relaxed.

step 6: Ground your lower half firmly to the floor by relaxing the legs.

step 7: Bend your right knee.

step 8: Place your right foot outer of your left thigh closely to your hip comfortable for you at that time your lap should point the upper limit.

step 9: Turn your top head to point ceiling.

step 10:At the back, place your right hand at that time the hand is very closely to your body. This hands finger is facing to you.

step 11:Covering your left arm approximately your right knee.

step 12:At that time hold the thigh to the torso.

step 13:Now, Exhale, then turn right side of your body.

step 14:Twist your head to your right shoulder.

step 15:Doing this asana that time you feel pain in your back head and neck that time you have go to staff pose.

step 16:Do this asana for 30 sec to one minute.

step 17:Do the all steps (7-16) for another side.


Tremendous pressure on abdomen and strain on the knees. Practice after ensuring that these organs will bear the strain.This asana must be avoided by those who suffer from  Back problems, abdominal surgery, hip joint problems, weakness in the knees, and those under pregnancy, menstruation.

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