Yogasana – Marjariasana


Yogasana – Marjariasana

Marjariasana is an excellent stretch in yoga workout. It produces flexibility in our spine and releases us from back pain. It improves our blood circulation and digestion power. It is one of the best yoga postures and also tones our abdomen and helps in relaxing our mind.

How to Perform:

step 1:
You will need to first get on your hands and knees on the floor. Posture wise, it is important for your knees to be directly below the hips and the wrists, elbows and shoulders in line with each other as well as perpendicular to the floor. Your head must be positioned in the center with your focus locked firmly on the floor.

step 2: Exhale while rounding your spine towards the ceiling. Ensure that your hands and knees remain in their original position and do not move at all.

step 3: You must then release your head towards the floor, but avoid forcing the chin towards the chest.

step 4: Inhale while returning your body to the position that you originally started from and repeat as many times as your want.


Strain on certain muscles in the body is generally as far as it goes when it comes to possibilities of something going wrong and, as a result, means that you avoid straining your body beyond more than its capacity and ability.
In the event that you are already suffering from a head injury, you should ensure that your head is maintained in direct line with your torso.
It will also help to have a trained yoga professional to guide you with the movements so that you perform the poses in the right manner and not stress out your body.
Begin with preparatory poses in order to flex your muscles and prepare them to perform the difficult yoga postures.

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