Relationship – Limits

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Relationship – Limitation the most effective factor of any relation

When two persons are in any relation – work, home, friends, partners any relation, they try to build and keep on some limits for each others. If we carefully observe all relations around us we can come to know that all those relations are mainly based, built and they stand on certain limitations, that people set for each other. If someone crosses the limit or breaks it, not being intentional, that doesn’t matter, but our feelings gets hurt and the heart fills with envy and anger.

But what are these limits in actual, that effect our feeling so much? what it implies on our life?? have ever we thought about that?
Limitations are just barriers between two people. When relationships arr surrounded by limitations it is common that we feel others should not make any decisions, only our decisions should succeed and we try to imply these decisions on them, that means we do not accept others feel of freedom. This is what happens when the relationships are filled with limitation under the cover of love.

But, when someones freedom is not accepted or respected disappointment occupies their senses, and mind. This in turn raises the feel of envy or anger in their mind too. that mean a relationship is almost collapsed. once these feeling come to our mind, they leave a permanent mark and it cannot be removed.

But if we respect feelings of each others and accept their freedom, there will be no need of any barriers or limitations between persons. that means, when some one respects someones feeling and freedoms, we will be surrounded with love for each others and happiness for all. No need for envy, anger or no need for any disappointment and thus the relationship becomes strong one.

So what we can conclude is for a better and good relation only pure love for each other which can only be gained when we don’t keep any limitation for each other and when we have no inferior feel for others and respect their feel of freedom.

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