Life : Facts and Tips

Life management

Life has many definitions according to many knowledge d persons, but how to understand life in simple terms???, first of all what is life in simple terms-Life is nothing but a line that travels from a starting point(birth) to a ending point(Death), it is up to us either to become king or guard.

That is entirely different, because it decides our status in the society, but what decides how happily we lead our life. How can one lead his life happily?? life has many ups and downs, of-course if a life doesn’t have ups and downs then it can hardly be considered as life.


Consider a patient in hospital, under ECG surveillance, what it means if the line that indicates the heart goes straight?? it means he is dead, in the same way if life does not have ups and downs that means it is not real life. In the same example consider the line is having ups and downs, that means that heart is working in normal condition or the person is alive, similarly if there are ups and downs only then it means that life is going on well.

One should never think of skipping the ups and downs instead he needs to think how to balance his life between them. So how can one balance it??? solution is always with us.

  • Never be excited when you have everything, and never be depressed when you have nothing.
  • You only have right to do, not to expect.
  • what ever you do to others return to you, so do good to all.
  • Live for others, even animal can live a life for only itself.
  • See yourself in others, from minute particle to largest thing in this world.
  • Try to enjoy your life as it is.
  • Never complain for what you are not having, instead be happy with what you have, because you get what you deserve, but there is nothing wrong in trying to get it, but in right way.
  • every thing has a limit, medicine in over dose becomes poison.
  • If some one does bad to you, wish them good luck as it is credited in their account. You never bite a dog, because it bit you.
  • Never expect anything from others, don’t reject what you get.
  • Never talk behind, even if they feel you are rude, they will get to your point, if you are right.
  • Try to develop a bone to your tongue, so that you have control over it.
  • Think before you speak to someone, as words are sharper than swords.
  • Anger kills you.
  • Help – only thing that gets you inner peace.

To climb the success ladder you have to first get down from platforms,
1 Ego – One who has ego in higher levels, cannot win him self how can he win the world.

2 over-confidence – Confidence increases chances of winning, whereas over-confidence pulls you back from even trying it.

3 selfishness – One who does every thing to himself can never satisfy his own needs.

Though following them and applying them in real life is very tough but it is not impossible.


Following them will make your mind and deeds pure and that indirectly makes your life balanced one between ups and downs.

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