Life – War between Duty and need

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Life – A view of life in the angle of our Duty and our life

Life is combination of situations, either good or bad sometimes together, it depends completely on how we accept them. What ever we face in our life is result of our decisions between our duty and materialistic happiness.

In every one’s life, they face a moment in which you feel that all of your plan’s, all your views, all of your dreams are getting destroyed and all plans for our future is getting destroyed, this is when in one side you see righteous(Dharma) and another side you see your happiness or self wishes. This situation is called as Dharmasankat. In other words Dharmsankat is a situation Where accepting Dharma – Duty or Righteous is problem for you, and not accepting your duty itself is happiness.

Think about it, you may face situations like –
you may need to tell truth against someone who is very good by nature.
When you are in utter scarcity of money you may get a chance of stealing easily.
every one will face such situations in their life.

Nobody will ever realize such situation as Dharmasankat, they will never think that they are fighting against situation, they will just get attracted from reality to material happiness, just like fly gets attracted to Jaggery, without realizing the reality of the danger. In reality this situation of ‘Dharmsankat’ is time where we can spiritually ge more closer to supreme soul, this is possible only if we are not afraid by war against situations, only if we are not attracted by material happiness and if we follow our duty undistributed.

Even if a leaf falls of tree, as its quality is fighting against wind, it will fly upwards towards sky. But, the grass that bends for wind always stays down on earth. That means if we run away from the real challenges, we may get happiness and life may go on, but at the same our soul looses its purity, and our distance with supreme soul increases.

Think yourself, is it better to sacrifice our duty(Dharma) to gain temporary happiness??

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