Desire, hope and Expectation

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Desire, Hope and Expectation – Main aspects of life

Desire, Hope and Expectation these are main aspects that lead the society. You don’t think so?? okay if someone asks you who you are, what will be your answer?? just think, you will realize that your desire combined together give your definition. the success and failure you get from some actions or situations are your identity.

Some lead their life in such a way that they will be collapsing from inside but they fail to put an end to their desire. This situation is similar to the wonderful fragrance makes the deer to run behind it. Funny right.

But, the most interesting fact is that, the light of knowledge take birth from the womb of these desires. wondering how?? when some desire remains incomplete and you fail from gaining them, exactly at this point the rays of knowledge takes place in your heart. This is not just what I think about the society, this is fact, when you consider entire history, epics and every thing that lays foundation to our society today have formed from this concept itself. They where not just stories of over expectations, and the result of these expectation and
Conflicts of desires. They were the situations where knowledge enough for generations from womb of desires.

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