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Leucorrhoea – Ayurvedic tips

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Leucorrhoea (Shwethapadara) – Ayurvedic tips

In Ayurveda, leucorrhoea is known as shwethapadara this is believed to be the cause by the aggravation or vitiation of kapha dosha. This commonly occurs in patients who are weak, emaciated and anemic.
This is characterized by a discharge from the female genital tract. It is often associated with infection of the genital tract by some organisms.

Organisms apart, some metabolic and hormonal disturbances are responsible for this disease. The discharge from the genital tract produces foul smell if there is infection. The consistency of the discharge varies from patient to patient depending upon the age the menstrual phase when the patient is afflicted with this trouble.

Patients suffering from chronic leucorrhoea become irritable and it is often associated with digestive disturbances. There is always some difficulty in movement of bowels. The patient develops a black circular patch around their eyes which is very characteristic from the diagnostic point of view. Usually back pain can be found.

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Panchakarma is a process of detoxifying the body and balancing the doshas in our body. For this problem we suggest and offer Snehapana, Virechana, vatahara and kaphahara Basti.

Regular Douching of the genital tract with a decoction of the barks of banyan and fig trees is very useful in this condition. One teaspoon of the powder of each bark should be boiled in one liter of water and reduced to half. The decoction should be filtered and the powder thrown away. When it is slightly warm the douching should be done. This decoction keeps the tissue cells of the area healthy.

Tankana powder can also be used for douching.

Pradarantaka Lauha it contains iron in the form of bhasma this must be triturated with the juice of kumari. 250 mg of this should be taken three times a day, with honey.

Kumari is efficient in toning the tissue cells of uterus and genital tract and prevents exudation of abnormal fluid. Juice of the pulp of kumara plant (30 ml) must be taken twice a day with honey, on empty stomach
Lodhra bark decoction can also be used for douching. Lodhra asava a drug from lodhra. 30ml of lodhra asava should be taken twice a day after the food, with equal quantity of water.

Chandra prabhavati: 2 tablet can be taken twice a day.

Along with the medicines mentioned above Tandulodaka(Rice Wash) can be used as a means to accelerate their action. Rice wash alone is useful for the cure of this disease.

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This is successfully used for clearing congestion from the meda(fat) and Mamsa(Muscles) Dhatus especially when there is leucorrhoea, endometriosis, cysts or fibroids due to excessive kapha and ama in the artava srotas(gynaecological system).

• Fried and spicy item should be avoided.
• Patient should not keep stomach empty for long time.
• Heavy indigestible food article should not be taken.
• Sour thing should be prohibited. Especially pickle and curd.
• Intake of areca nut(Supari) after taking food is very useful for prevention as well as cure.

Other suggestions:
• Being free from worries is very useful.
• Avoid being awake in late nights
• Sexual intercourse should be avoided during this period.
• Early morning brisk walk is very helpful.
• Sanitary and hygienic measures should be followed carefully.

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