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Leader – and qualities of leader

leader is one who takes all decisions, guide those under him and gives more importance for and servers for the betterment of those under him.
He strives hard for the duty that he has accepted and considers that improvement of the mental and physical peace of those who consider him as leader. When we talk about leader’s many leaders come into our mind, but in present world, though we consider it or not all the leadership qualities are derived from those who have given us all moral values in life.

There are two types of Leadership,
1) Leader must stay with his team, work with them and involve in all decisions that his team take, guide in all twists and turns in the game the team plays.
2) Leader who just stays with his team and just approves or disapproves every act of his team.
A leader has to decide his role with his team wisely. But how to choose between these two type….Let me explain.

One should select their leadership role based on your team, let us go further with example. Let us take example of great leader like Lord Rama and Lord Krishna whom we can consider the greatest leader’s as their great leadership qualities have given us great ethics in our life.
Lord Rama can be considered under type 1 leadership quality. He had great warriors on his side but, as his army was comprised by majority of monkeys, he had to always be along with them take decision, train their animal brain and tame their brain towards target, work along with them and win along with his team.
Lord Krishna can be considered a Leader with type 2 leadership quality. He had the best of warriors with him, who knew every thing, well trained and whose target was fixed and who had powers of demigods. So Lord krishna just had to stay with them approve their ideas and path right or wrong and just give suggestion.

One should choose to be of type 1 when his team are not trained, cannot concentrate on target and are not capable of doing things on their own and one should select to be type 2 when his team is capable enough to work on their own, implement their ideas and when the role the leader is just approving their idea.

Now it is up to you to choose your type. But, To be a successful leader, along with these quality one must have trust and confidence in him and more than him on his team if Lord Rama din’t have this belief and confidence on his team he could not build a bridge across the ocean could not win war against the mighty demons.

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