Lake and Glass of water

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Arjun, a young ambitious man, he wanted to gain respect from all. He had a cattle farm, this farm bought him great profit and his image as rich person grew in the village. His father always insisted him to give away a part of earning for needy, but this did not get into Arjun’s mind, he just wanted money.

One day a old lady came to Arjun’s house and said she had been travelling from a very long way to her son’s house, and the stuff she carried to eat has finished, and asked Arjun to help. which Arjun rejected on her face, tears in her eyes she moved on. Same day night it happened that Arjun’s 5 cattle’s where missing. Arjun was worried he searched for the cattle’s whole night but all in vain. completely depressed he returned to his home and explained the situation to his father, but the old man did not speak.

2 Days passed but Arjun did not get out of the depression of loosing the cattle, in this depression he did not even bother to take care of his business, slowly his profit got reducing. Finally, one day when he was taking a look at his profit he was shocked to find the reducing profit and again he sank in to tears as he was loosing confidence. Seeing the state of his son the old man came to him and said “Arjun, I want you to do one work for me! Take one hand full of salt and mix it the glass of water and drink it.” Arjun did as his father asked, “how is the taste??” asked the old man, “it is bitter, salty, horrible”, the old man smiled and asked him to take another hand full of salt and follow him, they together went to near by lake, here the old man asked Arjun to mix the salt to the lake and taste the water, Arjun did as he was asked to and exclaimed “this tastes fresh and sweet.”, hearing this the old man replied “Exactly, problems that we face in life are like salt, life’s taste change depending on how much we think about the solution for the problem, we need to think large to make the life tasty and sometimes it happens that what we do to other effects us. Nature is a large store of mysteries, it gives you what you give to others, if you help others you get help in return, if you hurt and be a reason for other’s loss, you get the same.”

Hearing the words his father spoke Arjun mind changed, he began to take care of his business very well, which bought him his profit back and along with it he began to give a part of his profit for needy.

1)Problems bother us on how we think about them.
2)Helping others, will get us help in return.

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