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Whole world is just NOTHING.

Life management

Life is not so complicated as maximum people think. It is their mind and mindset and the perspective they see the whole world in. All want to be happy and want to lead a stress-less life, happy life and want to many more such things, but fail!! what is the reason?? or is there no way one can achieve such life?? these answers rise in mind, but the answer is always within you. Here is the solution for these questions, just go through, practice and you will find yourself’s in the life you desire.

We take the worldly things, persons and everything in the world as attachments and simply push ourselves towards stress in life, we need to understand the fact that world is just our karma combination. Any relation must be dealt, considering it to our karma, without expecting result and without taking them too personally.
For what ever action you face, just return its reaction as your karma, without your personal influence on what your karma says you to do, this will turn your whole life as a very happy one and also keeps your mind peaceful and away from STRESS.

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