Jyothishya tips – 2

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Three aspects in life are very important

by: Dr.Thanmay Goswami MD(AY)
What we speak?
What we think?
What we do in action?
Jyotishya can help to correct our mistakes and teaches not to think that if one pray almighty then can be forgiven for mistakes done wrong verbally, mentally or physically.
So one should not use the faith as shield to protect oneself from facing bad results of self created problems.”
Spirituality is not solution rather pathway to rectify karma principle.
In Jyotishya
-What we speak is represented by 2nd house.
-What we think is denoted by 5th house,
-What we do in action is decided by 10th house.
So please observe which planet influences these houses. If there is good planet influences then go ahead but if these houses have malefic planet’s influence then strictly control their influence to keep this life happy and healthy.
For example if Mars or Saturn aspect these houses or present in these houses, do not speak or think or act in sad mood or in anger mood.

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