Jyothishya – Karma

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Jyothishya Principle of Karma

1. Jyotishya is all about principle of Karma. It’s a wonderful way to identify your Karma In totality.
A. Dradha Karma – Karma done intentionally.It can be good or bad.
B. Adradha Karma – Karma done unintentionally. It also can be good or bad.
C. These Karma, the action can be done at physical level or verbal level or at mental level.

One has to face results of intensional as well as unintentional karma in form of good and bad luck.

If Good karma are done
A. Benefic planets locates Kendra or Trikona.
B. Malefic planets locates dusthana.
If Bad Karma are done
A. Benefic planets locate in dusthana
B. Malefic planets locates Kendra or Trikona

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