Future is a gift to you from you, which you can make beautiful. This is possible only when you are prepared for the twists and turns life brings, So to be prepared you need to read on this and know what your stars have for you in store.


Horoscope – 26 November – 02 December

Aries: Issues related to family will crop up again. If you are not bonded in a relationship, you may find a partner as the time is favorable. If you are married, there could be an addition to the family. There are also new avenues at work and you will maintain your focus on earning.

Taurus: There is a lot happening now on the career and work fronts and you are on your toes. You seem to be successful in all projects and ventures initiated several months ago and you need to be in the driver’s seat. Money starts flowing towards you and there will be deeds, documents and legal agreements to deal with.

Gemini: Life is joyous and exciting in this phase. Work, domesticity, family and money all come together and this makes your very happily. You will have reorganization at the work-space, and there will also be many financial demands from all quarters, since this period is not bad in giving you money, you will meet all your needs without much trouble.




Cancer: A lot will be happening in your life, so you need to remain calm and positive in this period . Both at home and work many changes and challenges awaits you. You may even look seriously at relocation. You will need to plan it all out as both expenses and responsibilities increase.


Leo: You will have a very positive mindset in this period, so you may consider it as a very good period. You are a winner this period, may be work or play. You manage to overcome everything that is thrown at you. You also display a spiritual bent of mind. This will hold you in good stead in all your relationships.


Virgo: You carry more intensity this period and your life takes on much more. You work hard to make more money and embark on new ventures. Your embark on everything with moto to conquer everything. Along with this, you are also on the threshold of a great spiritual conquest.


Libra: New and very powerful energy makes you more energized. This is true reward which your stars have bestowed on you, though you may not understand it now. The state of feeling is of profound peace and joy. You reach out to those less fortunate and in the process, are reinforced by your own spirituality.


Scorpio: You will sparkle and even exhibit signs of genius now as you are rejuvenated and restored in the previous period. You will focus on work, family, children, and be in total harmony. You will also have both wisdom and material gains as you explore new horizons.


Sagittarius: You build confidence and belief in yourself this period and your are very happy for it. You meet and interact with new associates whom you love and be loved. There may also be marriage, fun, laughter, and glamour to add to the happiness quotient. Some great desire or wish of yours will be met or fulfilled.


Capricorn: Life is exciting, joy and curiosity this period. You never know which string is pulled when. Just when you have achieved a degree of inner security and belief, you swing back to doubts, anxieties and worries. But with a huge gain and increase in your effort, time and energy levels you manage to help yourself out.


Aquarius: You put in very good and sustained effort and work and achieve a lot. You get rid of undue worries as you will find ways yourself. There will be heavy expenses, secret affairs, secret deals, money-making opportunities and a whole new complete range of uncertain happenings and activities.


Pisces: You move closer to your support system and that is your home and family. This period there will be a lots of meetings and collaborations. You will also enjoy new gadgets, luxury goods and all that is beautiful and pleasurable. There is further respite waiting for your.

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