Every journey needs a route map, jyothisya is route map for life. Here is your route map for this week


Horoscope – 03-09 December

Aries: In all your dealings you rope in with your close associates and this proves to be a good move. This period will grab all your attention from work front ot your family and home. You also have to invest some time in your housing society or community and you can’t get away from all this.

Taurus: This period you concentrate more on love and money. You also manage to find some time to relax, and there could perhaps be a home away from home as a kind of holiday retreat. You will have to concentrate on the financial matter as there will be loans and funds of all kinds to deal with, along with it there are soaring expenses too. You manage it all well.

Gemini: You have good set of peoples with skills at their best and you will get the support of both colleagues and dear ones. Partnerships are vital focus in this period. You are surrounded with many obstacles, but you manage to ride the wave to glory. You worry about your image in social basis and there may be legal issues that could damage it.




Cancer: Your main theme this period is finance, and you look seriously into this in a very big way. Matters of personal and work related finances become major attention this period. There are tax issues and all sorts of monetary developments. You have to solve it all and spend time getting to the most important aspects and practical details of your finances.


Leo: You get to spending the money which you believe is hard earned, once the financal matter are worked out. There are many expenses and, there is a blossom in your creative instincts. You work hard and there is perfect out come and productivity for the work you do and this brings you recognition. You may get a promotion.


Virgo: Success tempts for more.. You have achieved a lot but you don’t want to stop here. You are prepared to stick your neck out as you make many startling discoveries. Your develop new interests like religion and spirituality, travel and education. You look for harmony and try to smooth the feathers you have rustled in the past.


Libra: There are appriciation for your intended or pacifying moves and work success. There is enhanced income and prestige. You spend time at various gatherings enjoying yourself thoroughly which is very much required for your busy schedule. You are cheerful and full of energy and enthusiastic and your happy mood is charging for those around you.


Scorpio: Work occupies you once again. You earn plaudits for your achievements and decide to expand further and make your financial front stronger. You look at holistic progress and make the necessary adjustments to your work life. There are expenses and delays to your plans including some medical expenses.


Sagittarius: You give your best to work and your relationships. You bond well with others and there is a tie of commitment. You are endowed with a new vision and charisma and look at the future with immense possibilities. You are riding the crest of a wave and feel that the world is yours to conquer.


Capricorn: Your success brings you immense pleasure and empowers you, you see yourself in a new light. You are caring and considerate, alert and active. You project yourself differnetly to the world this period. But, at the same time, avoid unnecessary show downs and runins with friends, family, colleagues and the law.


Aquarius: Motivation is your main theme this period and you are busier than ever before. You spend quality time with loved ones. But there are pinpricks like unexpected expenses, ill-health in the family. There may also be a brush with the law. Don’t put your faith in people without ascertaining their credentials, there are chances of being taken in the wrong path.


Pisces: There are many distractions at play this period. There are partnerships and several business collaborations, leading you into a profitable upward spiral. There will be journeys, conferences and romance. If married, there will be dealings with close family and your in-laws.

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