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Reap What You Sow

King Balaram was ruler of vast dynasty in south India, after a very successful rule over his kingdom for 40 years he sought of taking leave and go to himalayas to lead a spiritual life, but he did not like to hand over his responsibilities to his sons or relatives as they where filled with greed so he thought that they cannot rule the kingdom as he did. So with his wise ministers advice he decided to select one among his young citizens and train him to be the king, and they also selected the method of selection, message was sent to all the citizens to assemble in premises of Hanuman temple next day early morning.

Next day, early when the king arrived all the citizens where present in the temple premises, king Balaram announced his decision and he said he is going to very one a task which they had to complete and after the completion of the task the ruler of the kingdom will be selected, the task was very simple, everyone of them where given one seed, and they had to take it to their home sow it and take care of it, grow it, and get it back after one year from that day. All of them received the seed and they returned to their home, one among them was Gopal.

Gopal returned to home explained everything to his mother, and she helped him in getting a mud pot and sow the seed, Gopal took immense care of the seed, watered it protected it, one week, two week, 3 week passed but the seed did not sprout, while he heard others speaking about their plants, leaves flowers. Finally that day arrived, on which they had to display their result. Gopal was upset as his seed did not sprout even today, he rushed to his mother and said that he will replace the seed with other plant, for this his mother said “Gopal it is ok even if you don’t get the kingdom, but never give up honesty, it is the only asset left over for you.” Gopal felt that his mother was right.

Gopal took his pot to where they were supposed to display, all others had beautiful plants with flowers, he was shamed to take the empty pot, everyone made fun of him. The king arrived, Gopal hid himself, as he was afraid that he will have to face punishment for not being able to grow the plant with care. King examined all plants flowers and appreciated the owner and as he was moving he found Gopal hiding himself, and his empty pot he asked him to come forward, but with fear of punishment gopal stepped back, Guards behind him took him to the king. King Balaram asked him “What is your name?”, Gopal replied “Gopal sir”. King took him up the stage and announced here i present you your future king, Gopal was shocked and also the audience. Then minister spoke out “One year back we had given you boiled seeds, which you managed to change and get it grow to plant with beautiful flowers, but Gopal was honest that he returned without flower.”. Gopal was filled with happiness and regards towards his mother for guiding him in right direction.

Those who are honest may fail at beginning. But, if they don’t give up being honest, finally one day they will be winners. Those who try to cheat may be winners at beginning but one day they will have to fall down. As we can see here in this story Gopal who followed to be honest was loser for entire one year and finally he became king, whereas others, where winners for entire year, but finally they had to fall. This is Dharma.

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