Why to play Holi?

Life management

Life is like a canvas, a canvas usually contains 9 colors all together, combination of colors create millions of more colors.

Similarly, in the life the canvas there are 9 Rasa, they are:

Shringara Rasa
Hasya Rasa
Adbhuta Rasa
Shanta Rasa
Raudra Rasa
Veera Rasa
Karuna Rasa
Bhayanaka Rasa
Vibhatsa Rasa

Rasa’s are nothing but our emotions, with combination of these Rasa, we create new emotions in life, we like some we may not, but the rule of nature is that the life has to contain these Rasa’s. It is duty of a noble being to accept all the color that life gets to them, though they like it or not. If we accept the color of life though we don’t like it, only then a new color will be generated in our life. Holi signifies same thing, our loved one can put any color on us, though we may like it or not, absolutely they will put colors that will yeild better color in future, one has to play with all the color, in the same way, one has to feel all the emotions in life, what ever emotions results in, we need to accept them with smile. This is the message of celebrating Holi.

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