hero and god

Hero and God

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Who is Hero and Who is God?

A gurukul in mathura had a very talented guru, guru manikant, who was capable of teaching Warfare, Shasthra, social knowledge, Dharma. Those who undergo their education under the guidance of that guru turn into hero, who can even face 100’s confronting of them. Guru was filled with pride for the success he has got from his disciples. in same village there was another gurukul, guru vasudev was head in this gurukul, guru vasudev used to focus mainly only on topics like humanity, kindness.

once it happened that neighbor kingdom attacked them, and guru manikant sent all his disciples to defend their kingdom, there was a ferocious war, and it happened that because of the presence of guru manikants disciples they won the war. Next day, guru Manikant was expecting the visit of the King, for giving him tribute, but for his surprise the king did not visit him, next day the king visited guru Manikant’s gurukul and thanked him and returned. From an attendant guru manikant learnt that the king has visited guru vasudev’s gurukul and has served him whole day, enraged guru manikant rushed to the kings palace and shout “Oh fool king! My disciples defend the kingdom taking lives of our enemy, instead of serving me, you have served that coward vasudev whole day???”

king smiled and explained “Oh great guru, you have taught you disciples to fight ferociously and given them power and ability even to face 100’s of armed, but you failed in teaching them the value of life, they not killed our enemy soldier but also our soldiers, citizens in haste of killing the enemy. But guru vasudev’s disciples though you call them cowards, they in midst of that ferocious war, took the injured one and are treating them, their kindness has won us the war as they dint care if it was enemy, they just considered them as lives and one among that life is our enemy king, pleased by their care he has become our friend.” he also added – ” One who kill hundreds is considered as Hero and one who saves even one life is considered as GOD and it is my pleasure to serve the GOD than hero”.

Guru manikant, lost his pride understood the logic of what the king spoke, praised guru vasudev in his hearts and decided to teach his disciples lessons of Guru vasudev.

It is not important for one person to become a hero, but he must have kindness in his heart to treat everyone equally, and tendency to help needy.

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