Headache – Ayurvedic Information and Tips

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Headache – Ayurvedic information about headache and Tips.

Headache is known as shirahshula in Ayurveda. It is of several types of depending on the predominance of Doshas in the pathogenesis of this disease.

• Both physical and psychic factors are considered to be responsible for this problem.
• Defective eye-sight.
• Inflammation of sinus.
• High blood pressure.
• Sleeplessness.
• Tumour in brain.
• Prolonged over-work.
• Emotional strain.
• Exposure of head to excessive heat.
• Cold.
• Exposure to sun.
• Indigestion.
• Constipation.
• Wind formation in stomach.

Types of Headache:
Vatika shirashool:
Without any symptoms a sudden very strong headache starts and will increase more in night. The headache will be so intense with pulsating. The person feels so strong pain as if someone is removing his eyes. Followed by giddiness, photophobia cervical. Stiffness is also seen. In modern medical terms it is known as neuralgia
Paittika Shirashool:
Here the patient feels burning sensation of head and smoke coming out from eyes and nose. Anger, intake of alcohol, exposure to heat and sunlight are main reason for this type of headache. Person feels high temperature. In modern medical terms it is known as bilious headache.
Shlishmika (Kaphaka) Sirasoola:
When more Kapha is accumulated in head region. When the Person suffers from this type of headache they feel heaviness, stiffness, cold, Eyes and face will have swelling, watery eyes and inflammation of middle ear. In modern medical terms it is called as catarrhal or beferred pain or sinusitis.
Ardhavabedaka (Suryavarta):
The pain starts in the morning and as the sun rises and goes up the pain increases till mid-day as sun comes down the pain decreases gradually. Pain is usually seen unilateral sometimes associated with nausea and visual disturbance. All doshas are involved in this type of headache. In modern medical terms it is referred to migraine.
Anatavata here headache is shooting pain with burning and penetrating pain, it starts from back of the head to frontal and entire nervous area of head. Salivation, lacrimation, and unilateral furring of the tongue are usually seen in this type of head ache. This type is difficult to treat. In Morden medical terms it is called as trigeminal neuralgia.
Shankhaka sirashool:
Acute pain in the tempero parietal region of the head. The pain is similar to burning sensation, one can find swelling of the face and this headache is so severe which lasts for 3days. In Morden medical terms called as venous sinuses very difficult to. Cure.

There are different types of headache and for each type there is different type of treatment.
Kalyana Nasal Drop: Two drops of this into each nostril twice a day will help to relief from headache and eventually cure it. To buy or view this product – Click here.
Anu taila:
Commonly used in all types of headache. This oil is prepared by boiling different Ayurvedic medical herbs in gingelly oil. About 20 drops should be dropped into each nostril and deeply inhaled. Even if the oil reaches stomach when inhaling it is not harmful, as this oil is not poisonous.
Deep inhalation of this oil may cause little irritation in the mucous membrane of the nose, it may also result in sneezing.
Water may come out of the nose in large quantities.
This oil when properly inhaled, removes blockage of the path from the sinuses to the nasal cavity. This relives heaviness and mental strain.
This oil also produces a soothing effect on the nerves.

Dosage: Normally this inhaling must be done only once. But if the headache is a chronic one or the patient is having acute attack of the headache then this can be repeated, two to three times a day.

Lakshmi Villasa Rasa:
This is very useful in Shlaishmika type of headache.
This is available as tablets, 2 tablets of this should be taken 3 times a day mixed with honey.

Pippali (Medical Powder) take a pinch of pippali and add it to one pinch of saindavalavana (Medicated Rock Salt) and mix it with half glass of warm water and take. It helps in reducing headache.

Keeping Bowels clear is important. Avi kalpa and Phalatri kalpa are very helpful to keep the bowels clear(To View them click on the name). Mix one teaspoon of kalpa to 100ml of warm water and have twice a day – Morning and Evening 10 minutes before having food.


Saying YES to these foods would be useful:
• Hot cow’s milk is very useful.
• Sweet food, Ghee.
• Rice and soup prepared by boiling kulattha

Saying NO to Fried food and spicy food is advisable.

Other Remedies:
• Avoid exposure to excessive heat, cold or rain.
• Should not inhibit natural urges.
• Keep short hair and avoid washing head with cold water.
• Try to keep out of anxiety, anger and worry
• Do not stay awake in nights
• Sleeping during day time is harmful.

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