This is one of the yoga postures which you can practice at any time of the day you want. It is very effective in energy boosting and also enhances better blood circulation. It stretches almost all the muscles of the body and can bring to your body an instant glow due to the blood circulation refreshment. In this you just have to inhale, block it as you raise your arms above your head and then bend forward to touch your ankles.

How to Perform:

step 1: First, come to Samasthithi.

step 2: Now put equal pressure on both feet to balance the body weight and extend your arms overhead slowly while breathing.

step 3: Now, exhale and slowly bend forward so that your arms touch your feet. Maintain this position for not less than 30 seconds, breathe deeply while keeping this

step 4: While carrying this posture, the hands and feet should be kept straight and the spine should be kept erect.

step 5: Now, move the chest towards the knees by lifting the hips a bit and press the heels down towards the ground.

step 6: Move the head gently towards the feet and continue the breathing.

step 7: Stay in this posture for some time.

step 8: To get out of this posture. Slowly move your arms forward and up and then come back to the standing position.

step 9: Breathe out and bring the arms to the side.


People suffering from lower back injuries, Spondylitis, Cervical pain or any kind of back and spinal problems should not do this pose.

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