Gomukhasana when practiced on daily basis relieves tension from shoulder gird, increases the elasticity of the chest, effectively reveals the hip joints, it stretches the inner ankle ligaments.The practice of Gomukhasana also helps to cure hernia.

How to Perform:

step 1:Press the sitting bones in the floor and point the crown of your head to the ceiling to lengthen and straighten the spine.Flexing your feet, press out through your heels.Keep your palms on the floor adjacent to your hips for supporting your spine and relaxing your shoulders down. Keep your torso straight but relaxed.Ground your lower half firmly to the floor by relaxing the legs.

Step 2:Bending your left leg, bring its heel under the right thigh, close to right hip.

step 3:Bend your right leg over the left knee and let your right heel come close to left hipi Your right knee should be positioned directly above the left knee.

step 4:Place your palms on the feet.

step 5:Press the sitting bones in the floor and point the crown of the head to the ceiling.

step 6:Bend the left elbow.

step 7:Bring your left forearm behind your back.

step 8:Position the back of the left hand in the middle of your back, close to shoulder bladese The left forearm and the fingers of the left hand should point upward.

step 9:Inhale while extending the right arm over you head.

step 10:Bending the right elbow, keep your right elbow between the shoulder blades The right palm should face your back and the fingers of the right hand should be pointed downward.

step 11:Clasp the fingers of the left hand with the right hand.

step 12:Pull your shoulders away from each other to experience the stretch in the shoulders and opening up of chest.

step 13:Remain in this pose from 10 seconds up-to half minute before releasing the hands to returning to staff pose.

step 14:Repeat steps 2 to 12 for the other side.



Those with knee, neck or hip injuries or problem must avoid this asana.

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