With regular practice of this asana it helps in reducing extra fats in the thighs and arms. It also improves the balance of our body.

How to Perform:

step 1:
Begin in mountain pose.

step 2:Inhale when raising the arms up to shoulder level with palms facing up. Arms and shoulders should be relaxed.

step 3:Cross left arm over the right so that the elbows rest on top of each other.

step 4:Bend your elbows, wrapping our forearms around each other with palms facing each other. Your fingers should point to the ceiling. If the palms do not touch,
keeps one palm resting against the other wrist or forearm.

step 5:Slightly bend the knees and shift your body weight to the other leg.

step 6:Cross right leg over the left just above the knee.

step 7:Place the right foot behind your left lower leg and hook the foot over the left calf or ankle. If you are unable to reach the left calf, place the right foot
next to left lower leg.

step 8:The crown of your head should be pointed toward the ceiling and look straight ahead. Imagine the spine running straight through the body.

step 9:Remain in this pose for 30 to 60 seconds and then come back to mountain pose.

Repeat steps from 2 to 9 with the opposite arm and leg that crossed over.


If you are experiencing knee harm or joint-torment, then you should not perform this asana. Likewise, if pregnancy and corpulence, you should not to go in for this kind of asana. Rather you can do Tadasana. In the event that an individual is experiencing migraine or circulatory strain issues, he/she is not permitted to practice Garudasana. On the off chance that you confront any sort of issues while performing these exercises, you ought to counsel a yoga educator. They will control you and help in tackling the difficulties that you confront.

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