Fear – What is Fear?

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Fear – What is Fear? Is it compulsory to have it?

Fear is a common character that we find in every human being. So what is fear?? did you try to find the answer for this question?? No right?? Okay Let us discuss this concept today. Children are afraid of some boogeyman carrying them if they do not eat the food, small boy afraid of loosing his paper boat when he lets it in the stream, small girl afraid of getting her dress dirt when she sees the football rushing towards her, a mother afraid of the truck that is in high speed, may hit her child, who is crossing the road, a father afraid that his son may fall of the staircase when he rushes down for dinner. In all situations we can see afraid of some or other circumstances these were just small examples, there are many more things that generates fear withing us. sometimes fear of losing the wealth we have accumulated, sometime fear thinking that we may get insulted, sometimes fear of losing the ones we love the most. Fear is a feel that one cannot resist and this is the reason that we feel, Fear is a natural character of every human being.

But what is fear actually, why are we afraid of so many things?? the fact is that fear is the thing that makes us react to situations, work and do all our actions, NO?? if you are not afraid of losing your self esteem would you work, would you earn?? so it is clear that fear is the major component of life, it effects all your decisions, your thought, your plans and your schemes. Let me explain you with example – A Guy plans to open up a business on his own, but due to his economic condition he has to take funds from other source. But the fear in his mind says “What if your business does not workout and you don’t earn enough to repay th funds you borrowed?”, “What if you cannot earn enough for you household expenses?” “What if you don’t even get a job, so that you may repay the loan?? What if the funding source seizes you?” and many more such thought, and then the boy drops the plan of setting up his business. This is the impact of fear in life.

Now let me get back to the point, and explain you what is “Fear”. Fear is just a feeling, let us consider all the above mentioned circumstances, what these situation get you at last if they happen – Sorrow. It is our normal behavior that we hate sorrow, we want only happiness but we don’t want any sorrow happening in our life and also in life of those whom we love the most. Fear and sorrow are connected to each other very closely, if you are not attached to anything that gives your sorrow then you will not have fear in your life, so in simple terms fear is nothing but imagination of sorrow, even before it occurs in our life and we think how the sorrow is going to effect our rest of life and so we quit form what we have planned.

Now that you have understood that fear is nothing but it is just an imagination. Think do we need to get affected from it or can we try to get rid of fear and try to achieve what we have sought??

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