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Dharma – Talk Between Karna and Krishna

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Karna a legendary warrior who was the major source of power to Duryodhana. Karna was very kind hearted, his wisdom was wonderful. But, even then he faced many problems in his life, he was abandoned when he was a newly born child, he was then adopted by Athirath, a charioteer for bheeshma. As he was son of a charioteer he was deceived from the opportunity of gaining knowledge, he was cursed for gaining knowledge by lying to his guru – Lord Parashuram. He was humiliated as son of charioteer “Sooth puthr” by the people when he displayed his talent. Karna was always fighting to get change in the society.

Karna had lots of doubt about Dharma for which he could not get right answer. Karna meets Lord Krishna in the swayamvar arranged for Panchali(Draupadi), it was for the first time Lord Krishna and Karna met, as there was discussion about the Dharma Lord Krishna has introduced all over the country, karna spoke to krishna. The conversation between the two Wonderful personalities who stand as role model for the present generation.

Karna: Entire country is speaking about the DHARMA you introduced.

Krishna:(Smiling) DHARMA is a thing which many only choose to discuss about, but not to understand and follow.

Karna: Then do please guide me, what is the way to follow and understand DHARMA.

Krishna: DHARMA will always give on lots of honor, if you have not got enough honor it means you have not followed DHARMA efficiently.

Karna: What if a person gets dishonored from his birth and his talent has not been encouraged?? What does this mean?

Krishna(Smiling): He should fight for the honor and for his talent but never aid ADHARMA. He should fight and strive hard to gain what he wants, but never try to gain something on which he has no rights.

Karna(confused): Can you please explain..

Krishna: Listen carefully my friend, largest of the largest mountains also doesn’t try to gain their power on the flowing river, as the right on the river is only to the ocean, if any mountain try to stop the flow of the river, then even that mountain has to crash down, but it can never own the river.

Karna: Are you speaking about the power of ocean or the weakness of the mountain??

Krishna(smiling): I am speaking about the DESTINY of the river.

Here in this conversation Krishna was indirectly insisting karna that he should not try to gain his right on Draupadi, as her Destiny was to get married to pandu Puthra. But Karna, Due to the pressure from his friend participated and again got humiliated, and he considered it as a REVENGE.

Everyone have their own destiny, you cannot gain something which is not in your destiny, and it would better if you would consider it as your Destiny and continue instead of fight to get it, which would lead to your downfall.

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